Mossbrook School

A prototype for the future of classroom design, this standalone science building for autistic children explores the impact of technology in the 21st century classroom.

Client: Mossbrook School / Sheffield County Council
Construction Value: £330,000
Completion: 2003
Location: Sheffield

Neurodivergence and Architecture

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Good Autism Practice

Building Design

Classrooms of the Future

El Pais

L’architecture d’aujourd’hui


Developed in close collaboration with the client and users, the building is a tactile, sensual and interactive environment.

“…refreshing to see a building where such care has been taken to respect a unique setting and respond to the wishes of its users.”

Mark Dudek, Building Design

Set on a greenbelt site, the classroom playfully makes the most of its immediate environment as an educational resource. Vision panels in the walls and floor enable children to observe the natural world up close. An innovative use of technology brings aspects of nature and science from outside into the classroom through digital and analogue displays.


Photos by Peter Lathey