Simple Smart House

Our proposal for Britain’s future home is a generous, practical and simple solution to whole-life living.

Client: Sunday Times British Homes Awards
Construction Value: £1,685/sqm
Competition: 2013

2013 Sunday Times British Homes Awards (shortlisted)
Flexible House

The flexible layout allows the house to adapt to changing lifestyles and needs. Whether a growing family, live/workers, those needing accessibility or downsizing, the house can grow and change its form to suit.

The front room works as a study, a den, or a place to launch a business. Generous terraces and a garden allow activities to expand outside. With comfort, simplicity, low energy and economy at heart, this home looks after itself and its occupants.

Flexible Neighbourhood

This versatile unit works as a standalone dwelling, detached house, a duplex or as part of a terrace. Within a wider development each home is customisable with different claddings and external layouts that create visual variety along the street.

Using the simple smart house on a neighbourhood scale brings benefits of financial economy in construction, energy efficiency and the chance for a community to share resources that can further reduce their carbon footprint.